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Between life and work I haven’t updated this site much for awhile. Here’s some YouTube 360 video I shot with the Ricoh Theta S. You can watch them with Google Cardboard googles or with the Chrome browser

you can “scroll” around the videos.


Oh – check back in mid April 2017. I’m off first week of April for a photo-expedition to Eastern Oregon – including the Painted Hills!

This was an attempt to use the Theta’s time-lapse function to catch sunset. Pretty tricky stuff, especially given the buffer limitations in the Theta. Don’t often have time to play with time-lapse!

This video was from the “Sky-Lift” ride at the Oregon State Fair. Fun way to see the fair! I used a selfie stick extended out to the side – trying to minimize my own selfie in the picture!

This was a prison labor protest last year in Portland, Oregon. I’ve shot a fair amount of video and photos at protests over the years – this was very different! At one point you can see perhaps a hundred riot police streaming around the corner – behind me! They “politely” forced me into the street – then onto the other sidewalk – then into the park across the street! A future project is to set up the Theta for portable live streaming in this kind of situation!



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