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I took a few pictures at my last visit to the Washington Park Zoo in Portland, Oregon. I’m starting to play with Storehouse – a visual story platform for the iPad. It is kind of neat – you can arrange pictures and text in a simple template, then publish the store to Storehouse’s server. It’s heavily into social media – you can cross post your story to Facebook and Twitter, and even browse stories in the app.
Did I mention this is an IOS 8 app? (It will work on earlier versions, too.) This is both a strength and a weakness. Like most software, the interface is both intuitive and beautiful – as long as you don’t ask too much from it! I’ve had to explore different pathways to get photos to the IPad. I have an Android phone and several stand alone cameras. Using the iPad as a camera isn’t very practical. The Storehouse App does work with Dropbox, so I can shoot on my camera, upload the photos to a laptop – where I can do some editing, then back to Dropbox, where I can pick them up from inside the App. Anyway, here’s my first “embedding” of a Storehouse “Story” to a wordpress post!
And it was a beautiful day at the zoo!
update: OK – I see one real problem with the embedded story: you only see a simple 3 or 4 picture montage of the story. When you click on it you are taken to the Storehouse site to see the whole story. The only way back to your website is through the back-button. Basically Storehouse is scooping up your visitors. While this tool is slick, I think I won’t be using it regularly.

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