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In 2010 a small parcel of land in the new SW Waterfront development area in Portland was named “Elizabeth Caruthers Park“, after a “pioneer” in the area. This didn’t sit too well with the local Native American Community, who thought it somewhat presumptuous to ignore the 10,000 year plus occupants of this land. The Portland Youth and Elder’s civic engagement team, along with other members of the Portland Native Community, jumped into action.  Here’s a couple of videos about this:

This video by a team of three of my favorite people: Jeri Williams,  Maya Muno-Tobin, and Cheryl Zechmann. The video was Jeri’s idea. She even spoke at the event. Maya took the lead in videography, with some help by Cheryl. Maya did a great job editing the video. It was shot at the naming of the park.


This is from an interview with Lai-Lani Ovalles,  the  Indigenous Community Engagement Coordinator for the NAYA Family Center, reflecting back on the action in 2012.

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