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Every since seeing the “Stations of the Cross” by Fr Dennis Marx, a teacher at the seminary I attended, I’ve had a fascination with mosaics. About 14 years ago I found a fascinating program from ArcSoft called Photo-Mosaic that completely blew me away. Photo-Mosaic would allow you to load a library  of pictures, then let you  choose an image to “make” into a mosaic – using the library. The software’s algorithms “choose” each smaller image by color, and fitted together an amazing final image! The software was mostly “automatic”, but you could play with the library to modify the results somewhat.

I used this software to create a memorial image for Jessie, a beloved janitor and mentor at Portland YouthBuilders after his death. I used pictures I had taken of students and staff, and created a picture which captured the spirit of community he brought to the school.

Recently a friend was playing with images – I told her about this image, and she wanted to know what software I had used. After some digging through my archives, I found that it was ArcSoft’s Photo Mosaic, which was discontinued years ago. Sad. I guess there are still some old copies available – – for windows xp. It was never released for the mac.

So I’ve started looking for alternatives. I still have a few projects I’d like to create as photomosaics!


Here’s the result of my research

 AndreaMosaic Mac and PC versions available . Looks like it will do the trick! Update – does the trick! Check out the mosaic of my dead car! Looking forward to playing with this more – some really nice, simple controls! Much better than the ArcSoft project was (of course, that was 2000!)

Mosait An open source project.  Not sure how current this is. If AdreaMosaic doesn’t do the job, I will try this.


If you do an image search on Google for “Photo Mosaic” you can find many example pictures.

“True Mosaics” and Photoshop. I’ve seen a few examples for using Photoshop to create a  simplified mosaic like picture. A “background layer ” of multiple photo’s is prepared, then “blended” with the main image. Can look good, but is really not the same thing, since a true mosaic relies on the color of each small image to “paint” the larger image. Here’s an example of once such tutorial.

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