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The Oregon Coast is a ship graveyard, from the New Carissa (1999) to the Beeswax Wreck (>1800’s). As a child I enjoyed visiting the wreck of the Peter Iredale, just south of the Columbia River at Ft. Stevens. (1906). So when the news reported that the wreck of the Emily G. Reed had been uncovered by winter storms at Rockaway, Oregon,  I managed to get to the beach for a few days over New Years. The tide was out when I arrived at Rockaway, and I was surprised to see something like a giant fallen fence of timbers in the sand. I had expected an iron ship, like the Peter Iredale. But the Emily G. Reed was a wooden vessel, a coal carrier, and sunk in 1908.

Here’s some pictures:

Note – I’m using a service called “CoolIris” for this photo display.  If this doesn’t work for you – you can call to my Picasa Album to see the pictures. Click Here.

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