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This weekend I did a “shakedown” cruise of my “hybridized” bicycle – a 20 mile round trip between Keiser and Willamette Mission State Park, which is just south of the Wheatland Ferry. Pretty much in the middle of the Willamette Valley – just North of Salem.

My hybrid bike with the ferry crossing in the backgroundNation's largest Cottonwood - park sign with tree in backgroundThe Largest Cottonwood in U.S.

Willamette Mission State Park has several miles of bike trails, and also has horse and walking trails. I stopped to snap a picture of the U.S.’s “largest” Black Cottonwood.

Ripe Blackberries

I had skipped breakfast and lunch – but was able to gorge on ripe blackberries!

closeup of ferry - with it's name

This is the 5th ferry boat since Daniel Matheny started the ferry in the mid 19th century. They’ve all been named after him! The current ferry is diesel-electric, but is still tethered to the powerline – which provides “bracing” against the current of the Willamette.

sheep heads popping out of field of Broccoli As I rode back to Keizer – I wondered why there was an electric fence around a flowered-out field of broccoli. A little farther I noticed sheep heads popping up in the field – rather unusual site!

Ferry tethered to power liens

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