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This year after the Run to the Rogue ended, I kept heading south, into the Northern California Mist. I visited Patrick’s Point State Park, just a little north of Trinidad. The park contains a cedar plankhouse villiage reconstructed by the Yurok Tribe and used for cultural events. The site looked rather deserted and gray. Even the “canoes” looked pretty weathered. I did find some pieces of dentalium in the group picnic tables, which leads me to believe someone had been doing some traditional crafts there recently, though! In poking around the internet I found a site about the Blue Creek – Ah Pah Traditional Yurok Village, which seems much more recent. Hopefully next year I will have more time to explore the tribe.  I should add the style of cedar plank houses is similar to the Rogue River Indians, who were about 100 miles north on the coast.

Hey – if you can’t see the pictures here – you can go to my Picasa Album – which doesn’t use flash and should work on mobile devices!

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