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One of the problems I have with embedding my videos from YouTube onto websites is the YouTube Logo that shows up on the player. I often use Blip.TV, where you can create your own “brand” to put on the player. Today I ran across a trick to remove the YouTube logo from the embedded player on OnlineVideo.net.  It’s a simple hack – just add ?modestbranding=1 to the end of YouTube video # – at the end of the url before the parenthesis . Check out the post on OnlineVideo.net for better instructions! I also recommend signing up for their free newsletters!

The only problem still left is that when you are finished watching the video – the “player” shows the next video YouTube wants you to watch. I need to explore the playlist options to see if there is a way to pull up one of my own videos as the “next” video.

I still prefer using Blip – you can customize the player with your own website, and can return the viewer to your own playlist.

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