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Once in awhile I’m able to get to the monthly “Movies & Meaning’s”  event.  So in January I watched Made in Dagenham with the group, and discussed the film over a beer afterward.  A surprisingly well made film that told the story of Rita O’Grady becoming the initially unwilling leader of a group of women seamstresses who worked in a Ford plant in England during the late 1960’s.  The women went on strike for equal pay with men doing similar work, and let to the adoption of equal pay laws in England and elsewhere by the 1970’s. Sally Hawkins does a good job as Rita, and make’s her character’s development from a quiet housewife working at the factor to a national labor leader believable.  It’s a feel good film that shows the power of labor solidarity, while also showing the “good old boys” mentality that has existed in both management and unions in the past.  If you are interested in the history of women’s rights, or in how labor unions can (and sometimes don’t) work – or just want a fun film to watch – I can easily recommend Made in Dagenham.

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