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Death Row and executions in the great state of Texas. Werner Herzog becomes a neutral observer, and a sad story slowly unfolds through his interviewees.  One of the best movies I’ve seen this year. A very fair treatment of a very difficult subject – A man on death row, a week from his execution, and the circumstances surrounding his crime – the murder of three people. A calm look into the lives of all involved, from the surviving relatives, to the prison chaplain .


The first Herzog movie I saw was Aguirre, the Wrath of God. I’ve seen several of his older shorts at various film events over the years. I don’t remember seeing Herzog’s work on the big screen again till “Incident at Lock Ness”,  which kind of defies … everything. I was somewhat confused till I realized that the movie of a spoof of a spoof. It was brilliant and very quirky. I’m afraid I hadn’t seen much of Herzog’s later work till “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” came out, which was technically interesting, and the images of Chauvet Cave in 3D are breathtaking, but the writing kind of … sucked. So when I heard of the subject matter of Into the Abyss – I wasn’t sure what to think. A number of reviews spoke very well of the film, saying the Herzog took a neutral roll, and let his interviews speak for themselves.

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