A few years ago I wound up with a fun little project with the Oregon School Based Healthcare Network, taping a number of stories from youth (and a few adults) about the importance and need for School Based Health Care. The stories are moving, it was great to see the energy of the youth at the Lobby Day in Salem, where we shoot in the Oregon State Capital. There was one “Learning moment”, when I realized we were sharing our “shooting” space with a whole bunch of kids on lunch break! We managed to get acceptable audio. The only sad part is that all these great stories we collected – languish on YouTube. It’s rather frustrating that my 30 sec. “Steam Train Video” gets over 200,000 hits, while the SBHC stories are lucky to hit 100 views. But, that’s the case with all my social action videos – people watching videos on YouTube ( and BLIP, Vimeo, etc) just aren’t interested that much in social justice. Of course, that’s why we’re now working at the Center for Intercultural Organizing‘s Media Program to discover the art of making viral videos on social topics! Check out our un-official blog to see what we’re up to at CIO.

Of course, if you think you have an idea, or program, that is perfect for a viral video, and if you have a budget — feel free to contact me! I’m always looking for interesting projects!

You can see the videos on the Oregon School-Based Health Care Network, along with some other videos about their program.

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