Ed Edmo has been a family friend for a long time. He’s a Native American Story Teller

Link to Ed’s website http://ededmo.tripod.com/

The following two videos are from the Genocide Awareness event in 2006, where Ed told some stories about his experiences – with racism in eastern Oregon, and Celilo Falls before they were flooded.

The following pictures are from a field trip with Ed and NAYA kids in 2001. We started at Celilo Village in the Longhouse, where Ed talked about flooding of Celilo Falls. (Note – this is referred to his story about the “Government Man” in the video above!) Afterwards we crossed the Columbia to go to Horse Thief Park in Washingon, the site of Tsagagalal – She who watches. Ed took us down a trail that follows the river, where Tsagagalal and many other petroglyphs can be seen. This trail is off-limits to the public. You need a guide like Ed to escort you to the site. However, there are a number of petroglyphs looted from the now flooded Celilo Falls in the parking area of the park.

Ed Pointing out Tsagagalal

Ed Edmo at Celilo Village Longhouse

image of Tsagagalal, she who watches

Tsagagalal – She who watches

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